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Environmental Policy

Maher Reynolds Furniture (mrf) is a responsible company that recognizes its operational activities may impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing negative consequences by complying with all applicable environmental legislation, preventing pollution and continuously improving our environmental performance.

We ensure that these aims are achieved by:

  1. Ensuring that all timber and other raw materials we use comes from legal, certified and sustainable sources
  2. Controlling any local pollution we might risk causing
  3. Integrating environmental considerations into all of our business decisions
  4. Ensuring we have an appropriately trained workforce and competent contractors
  5. Encouraging our suppliers to adopt a similar approach to environmental standards
  6. Using local suppliers wherever possible to reduce the environmental impact of transportation
  7. Designing our products such that they have a long service life
  8. Reducing packaging to a minimum and ensuring that such packaging is recyclable
  9. Reducing waste and increasing recycling
  10. Reducing energy and fuel use by ensuring plant and equipment is properly used and maintained
  11. Maintaining a formal Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements and ethos of ISO14001
  12. Reviewing this Environmental Policy annually and updating it as necessary

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